We've compiled some helpful information about Fort Bend County

If You’re New Around Here, There Are Some Things You Should Know:

  • You might have a Richmond address, but live in the Rosenberg city limits, and you may have a Rosenberg address without living in that city’s limits, and you might have either mailing address and not live in any city limits.....Welcome to Fort Bend County!! 

  • You’ll either hate or love Larry’s Mexican Restaurant... there’s no in-between! 

  • Corn in a cup is a thing…See the food truck in the Fiesta parking lot! 

  • You are hereby obligated to find a favorite breakfast taco place! 

  • You may be given directions and told to turn where something used to be…40 years ago, that was the Woolworths... 

  • When we say we’re “fixin’ to do something,” Ain’t nothing broke, we’re just about to do something. 

  • Our sno-cone stands sell stuff like Hot Cheeto nachos and pickle flavor everything…See Chill Out SnoBalls and Gabby’s Snow Cones for reference. 

  • Stay off state highways. They’re all under construction. 

  • Half the town are Cowboy fans, and they’ll make sure you know it by placing a Cowboys decal on their back window... 

  • Don’t crash into an 80’s or 90’s model car…they most likely don’t have car insurance.

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Fort Bend County Resources

All Star Storage put together these items to help you navigate our community

Emergency 911

  • City of Richmond Fire Department: 281-238-1210

  • Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Dept. Station #1: Pitts Rd. 281-341-6677

  • Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Dept. Station #2: Farmer Rd. 281-232-5675

Police Department


Power Outage/Downed Power Lines

Gas Service

Home Services

Chambers of Commerce

Older Adult Care